Are Aluminum Gutters Any Good?

May 18, 2022

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Seamless Aluminum Gutters Installed on a House
Rain gutters come in different shapes and sizes. They are also available in different materials so homeowners can choose whatever works best for them. Aluminum Gutters are an effective option that becomes more and more popular every year. There are various reasons why people choose aluminum gutters, starting with a versatility that comes in handy in almost any type of roof.

Why Choose Aluminum Gutters?

There's no shortage of options when it comes to rain gutter materials, but aluminum gutters are one of the most popular options in South Florida, useful both in residential and commercial settings, always maintaining the best performance during the rainy season.

Aluminum rain gutters are mostly known for their flexibility and their sleek designs. These traits increase the value of a property as a whole since you can count on aluminum gutters to do their job effectively without ever drawing the wrong kind of attention.

Aluminum Gutters Installed on a HouseNevertheless, there are many other practical benefits that set them apart from traditional guttering systems. Let's list all the advantages of aluminum gutters:
  • They are durable: Aluminum is one of the best materials to make gutters because its flexibility doesn't take away from its durability. Aluminum gutters can resist different weather conditions and they don't bend or crack in most instances of impact damage. Homeowners still need to conduct regular maintenance, but all in all, aluminum gutters can easily last for over 30 years without suffering major problems.

  • They resist corrosion: Aluminum gutters are known for not being affected by corrosion even years after they've been installed. They usually come with a protective coating that makes them almost fully impervious to corrosion, unlike other metals often used to manufacture rain gutters. As a result, their color and appearance are preserved for longer through humidity and direct sunlight.

  • They are lightweight: This is one of the reasons aluminum gutters provide so much versatility. Aluminum is lightweight, and this is an asset during the gutter's installation and subsequent maintenance. The fact that they remain almost as durable as other heavier metals is a huge plus.

  • They hold large amounts of water: If you've lived through Florida's rainy season, you probably want a guttering system that's up to the task. Aluminum gutters can keep up with gallons of rainwater falling down your roof at high speeds without overflowing or slowing down the water's course as it's drained from the gutter to the downspouts.

  • They are cost-effective: Aluminum gutters come with a price range that most homeowners find accessible. They might still be more expensive than other gutter profiles if you go for a seamless guttering system, but the costs are nowhere near excessive. More importantly, the gutter's performance through the years is well worth the investment.
  • They resist extreme temperatures: Much of the resistance of aluminum gutters have to do with the material's traits when it comes to sudden temperature spikes and drops. Unlike other materials, aluminum doesn't start expanding with temperature changes, so it's less likely for the gutter to become warped along the way.

  • They have a pleasant look: Aluminum gutters can suit any structure thanks to how well they work when they're custom-made. Built with a professional metal-bending machine, seamless aluminum gutters can match the size and pitch of a roof without looking out of place under the fascia. This also ensures that no damage affects the roof shingles in the long run.

Maintenance Is Important

Aluminum gutters will hold their own during a storm and they can stand sudden temperature changes better than vinyl gutters, for instance. Still, this doesn't mean that they can be left unattended for months on end.

For one, owners need to check out their gutters every week, inspecting them both inside and out to ensure there's no collected debris, or a pest growing in every nook and cranny. If the gutter is surrounded by flora, it's surprisingly easy to have leaves and branches slip inside after being carried by the wind. Gutter guards are particularly useful in cases like this.

Aluminum Gutters on a HouseProper cleaning is key to preserve aluminum gutters for as long as 50 years, Owners should flush out any dirt stuck inside before there's a clog and have the gutter professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year.

The good thing about aluminum gutters is that they are fairly easy to clean without demanding too much of your time and energy. Because aluminum is the ideal material for seamless gutters, these guttering systems usually get less dirt stuck within as there are fewer seams separating the gutter into pars.

You can easily get rid of most of the regular dirt and get the support of a professional gutter maintenance company to take over harder-to-reach areas with their thorough cleaning services.

Rain Gutters Solution helps thousands of clients each year with all their gutter cleaning needs. Among other things, our specialists harness the most advanced equipment to increase productivity during cleaning and maintenance. Their knowledge and experience make it easy for them to spot potential problems that could affect a gutter later on, and their recommendations have brought priceless long-term benefits for many homeowners in the area.

So, if you want to ensure the best quality for your home's gutters, Rain Gutters Solution is here for you. We provide the best installation and maintenance services in South Florida so you can rest easy knowing that you have the most durable rain gutters protecting your home. Don't hesitate to call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment right away. The specialists at Rain Gutters Solution will be happy to assist you.

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