8 Things to Know About Aluminum Gutters

June 09, 2021

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Aluminum Rain Gutters System in a House
When installing a new rain gutter system, there are a number of expectations that many homeowners have in common: On top of preventing pools of water and leaks all over your home, your rain gutters must be durable enough to face intense weather changes and they must look appealing enough to exist without disrupting your home's appearance.

Aluminum gutters are a popular option because they combine many of the advantages that people look for in a custom-made gutter. If your home sees a lot of rain throughout the year, chances are that you've encountered aluminum gutters at some point, either while visiting an acquaintance or walking into an establishment in the area. Even while knowing the basics, it's still important to be familiar with all the benefits you get from an aluminum gutter system, especially if you're thinking of trying a cheaper alternative.

What Makes Aluminum Gutters the Most Popular Choice

Many homeowners favor aluminum gutters, not only because they protect a home's foundations during rainstorms but due to a myriad of advantages that turn aluminum gutters into a good investment in the long run. From an esthetic standpoint, aluminum gutters provide a sleek, elegant look that is pleasing to the eye. Looking deeper, there are many other advantages that make them a good choice, especially if you want to install a seamless gutter system. Here are the top 8 things to know about aluminum gutters:
  1. They are durable and long-lasting: When installed properly, aluminum gutters have a lifespan of approximately 20 years and may last even longer with proper maintenance. Aluminum gutters can resist the damage caused by heavy rainstorms, so you can rest assured that your gutters will stay in place for a long time, even if you live surrounded by a rainy climate.

  2. Aluminum Rain Gutters in a Two Story House
  3. They are lightweight: While many materials can keep up with aluminum gutters in terms of durability, they are usually too heavy and less versatile overall. Aluminum gutters are lightweight while remaining stable enough to avoid sagging even years after being installed.

  4. They hold more water: This is another advantage that makes aluminum gutters so popular in rainy weathers and humid locations. Aluminum gutters can hold large volumes of water without overflowing or slowing down the flow towards the downspouts.

  5. They don't rust: Many types of gutters will inevitably start corroding over time. This might not only affect their appearance with unsightly discolored patches but will also make them much weaker and less stable. Because they are resistant to rust, aluminum gutters represent an ideal long-term solution.

  6. They offer more stylistic options: Aluminum gutters are usually available in multiple sizes, colors, gauges, and thicknesses, giving more room to tailor your gutter's profile according to your property's layout. This also makes aluminum the go-to material for seamless gutters, both in commercial buildings and in residential areas where roofs have a complex design with multiple angles.

  7. They are affordable: If you're familiar with rain gutters, or even if you're just starting to learn about them before getting your first gutters installed, you probably know that aluminum gutters are available at a fairly inexpensive price. Aluminum gutters might not be as cheap as their vinyl counterpart, but they still represent an affordable alternative if you're on a budget. The material itself is very accessible, giving you more chances to invest in any of the customization options it offers when it comes to gutter profiles.

  8. Black Aluminum Rain Gutters System
  9. They are easy to install: Even while dealing with seamless gutters, installation entails less effort and fewer risks because aluminum gutters are not too heavy when compared to gutters made of steel or copper. The material is fairly malleable so, with the proper equipment, the gutters can be manufactured very quickly according to the client's specification.

  10. They are easy to maintain: Because they can be customized to increase practicality, aluminum gutters demand very little in the maintenance department. Aluminum is resistant to damage, so you don't have to worry while cleaning mildew or clearing the debris that's caught inside. Of course, if you let these pesky elements roam free for too long, your gutters will eventually get clogs and dents, so regular maintenance is still a necessary process. Depending on your gutter's size, you can be done with a cleaning session after 30 minutes or a couple of hours.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Aluminum gutters can surpass your expectations and protect your home during the rainy season, but no gutter system is indestructible. To know whether aluminum gutters are what you have envisioned, it's important to know about their potential drawbacks. Despite all their strengths, aluminum gutters are not impervious to dents. Through proper maintenance, you can stop dents from causing deep structural damage. Their resistance to corrosion also depends heavily on your ability to perform thorough cleaning and maintenance services.

Another potential setback comes with extreme temperature changes. These fluctuations could split the gutters after repeated cycles in which the gutter expands and contracts. Aluminum gutters are a good match for South Florida's sudden climatic changes, but it's still important to discuss these problems with your contractor to prevent their appearance in advance.

Aluminum gutters are an ideal asset for any property, and Rain Gutters Solution has everything you need to ensure the best quality and the most sophisticated structure to favor your home. Our specialists are ready to provide the best service. Just call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website to get started with the installation process right away.

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