Why Choose Copper Gutters for Your Florida Home?

December 29, 2022

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Why Choose Copper Gutters for Your Florida Home?
Florida's climate looks wildly different when you compare different months of the year. It can go from hot to rainy in minutes, and each season looks different, even if you have the previous year's weather as a frame of reference. Rain gutters have become an essential tool to protect residential and commercial properties from water damage, keeping up with intense bouts of rain without getting overwhelmed by the amount of water running through them. If you live in Florida and want to get a new rain gutter, durability is one of the first things you should consider. We tell you about all the advantages that make Copper Rain Gutters an excellent choice.

Rain Gutters in Florida

It's hard to predict Florida's weather, but its rainy season is generally expected to arrive at the beginning of July. Most of the storms in the state happen between July and October, but they're known to last longer and even the hottest months don't guarantee completely dry weather. Rains in Florida rarely stop at a small drizzle, and even when they don't become intense, they can still last for hours and days at a time.

In some parts of the country, 4 and 5-inch gutters are the most common option. Florida's intense rainstorms render these profiles insufficient in many cases because the gutters are too small to channel gallons of water falling at maximum speed. That's one of the reasons why seamless gutters are so appreciated, especially when combined with the most durable materials in the market.

Why Choose Copper Gutters for Your Florida HouseThe majority of homes and businesses in Florida have gutters made of high-quality metals, with aluminum being the most common material. Copper gutters are not as frequently chosen because of their weight and price range that usually exceeds the costs of other metal options. This doesn't change the fact that copper gutters represent a sound investment and the most effective defense against local storms.

Copper Gutters Are a Great Choice

The installation of copper gutters requires care and expertise. Installation companies have the necessary equipment to bend the material into a functional guttering system that's also visually appealing. In addition, copper is the perfect material for larger gutters, with business owners upkeeping 7- and 8-inch copper gutters for decades before needing a replacement.

These are all the advantages that you can get with a copper gutter:
  • Maximum durability: Durability is the main trait to look for when your property is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Luckily, copper gutters are known for their resistance. They can withstand intense storms, and the material doesn't show signs of decay after being exposed to high and low temperatures. They're sturdy enough to keep their shape through most instances of impact and they don't rust easily. This makes copper gutters an ideal asset at all times of the year, from the hottest summers to the harshest winters and the worst rainy seasons.

  • Esthetic value: Copper gutters are the perfect addition to modern establishments and historic buildings alike. Their elegant appearance compliments almost any type of architecture. A great part of their visual appeal comes from a patina that copper gutters develop over time, following the onset of their oxidation process. Basically, the gutter's natural color starts to fade, making way for a striking green shade that remains for the rest of the gutter's lifespan. This patina provides a look that's weathered and lively in equal measure. More importantly, it enhances the material's resistance to rust.

  • Longevity: Thanks to their durability, copper gutters can last for over 50 years without requiring any major repairs. Their estimated lifespan surpasses that of other metal gutters, but you still need to keep a regular cleaning schedule.

  • Simple maintenance: Copper gutters are as vulnerable to clogs as any other guttering system that has been left unattended for too long. The good news is that copper is thick enough to resist the scratches that would mar other weaker materials. Copper is also heavy enough to keep its stability in the event of snow, hale, or sediment. There's little that can get through a copper gutter, so you can rest assured that the debris that ends inside won't cause any lasting damage if you keep up with your cleaning routine.
Why Choose Copper Gutters for Your Florida House?All these perks work together to ensure the best performance when Florida's weather is at its worst. Copper is a sturdy material so it allows the installation of gutters that are wide enough to sustain gallons of water in large facilities, apartment buildings, etc. All these advantages also turn copper gutters into a huge selling point; they will attract potential buyers looking for high-quality and their appearance will make a lasting impression in people's minds.

Avoid DIY Installation

Installing your own gutters is always tricky, but it's particularly unwise when it comes to copper gutters. Copper is heavy, so a faulty gutter represents a huge risk, compromising the structure and risking injuries to the people below. Copper gutters are built to simplify maintenance but the installation itself requires a lot more skill. A contractor's expertise is what allows the gutter to offer all its versatility upon cleaning and maintenance, so trying to install your gutters yourself is not the best approach.

If you want to learn more about copper gutters while working through your budget, you can always come to Rain Gutters Solution with your questions and ideas. Whatever you choose, we have the options and materials needed to prevent water damage after the most unforgiving storms.

Rain Gutters Solution provides the highest quality to help you protect your property, from the most durable materials to the most sophisticated gutter profiles. Our specialists work hard to make each of our gutters suit the buildings they're meant to protect, and we bring countless options to ensure the most satisfying results. Don't miss this chance! Call (305) 270-7779 or fill out our website's contact form to schedule an appointment with our crew. You can also subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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