How to Prevent Trees from Clogging Your Rain Gutters

July 18, 2018

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Rain Gutter Installation Clogged
Trees are an important source of oxygen in our environment, they can filter the CO2 emitted by vehicles and factories that cause great part of the pollution in our planet, not to mention that they also provide habitats and food for a huge number of animals. Trees are beautiful complements of the natural landscape of any property, adding harmony and peace wherever they are planted, however, you need to be really careful when deciding where to place them and what kind of tree you want to plant.

The type of tree and its location play a determinant role in different aspects to be considered by homeowners, for example, the distribution of shade and leaves around your home, how the tree will function in your yard and, in terms of yard maintenance, how often you will be cleaning your rain gutters. To make your lives easier, we've rounded up three useful tips to prevent any clogging issue after your rain gutter installation. Here's a look:

Thoughtful Planting

Before planting trees in your yard you need to be thoughtful about some aspects that may interfere with your roof, utility lines or foundations. There are certain varieties of trees that are best suited to certain sizes of yards and to a specific spot of the yard. For instance, large trees may not be suitable for smalls yards where space is limited because they shouldn't be too near the side or foundation of the house.

Man Doing Rain Gutter Installation MaintenanceAdditionally, large trees can potentially damage your property during a heavy rain or high winds since the large branches or the tree itself can collapse over your house. So, in order to have trees that aesthetically complement your yard and at the same time are safety to your house and your family, your best option is to look for professional advice to choose the trees that suit best on your property.

Tree Maintenance

Leafy trees and rain gutters don't get along since leaves and twigs when falling down, clog the gutters and may cause important damages to your drainage system, particularly during the rainy season. For this reason, you need to make sure of regularly prune away your trees, especially those near to the rain gutters and utility lines. If your trees are causing issues to your property, we recommend you look for the help of tree service or the power company, and they will trim them for you.

Regular Rain Gutter Maintenance and Leaf Guards Installation

As part of your yard maintenance, you need to keep your rain gutter system free from any debris that can potentially clog it. Having your rain gutters regularly cleaned it is vital for both aesthetic and structural maintenance of your home's curb appeal, however, it represents an investment of time and this can be difficult for most of homeowners. If this is your case, you can leave your rain gutter maintenance in professional hands and this way your drainage system will always function without problems and you will not have to worry about it.

Rain Gutter Installation Repair Ceiling Damage
Leaf guards are a great option to keep your rain gutters free from all kind of debris. They come in different types and materials to effectively catch leaves, twigs and organic debris that falls down your rain gutters. You only need to choose the style that works best for you and clean them regularly.

Our recommendation is to have your rain gutters cleaned at least twice a year, but if there are trees around your house you might want to clean your rain gutters even more frequently. Before the rainy season starts is a great moment to clean your drainage system and this way it will be prepared for all the rain to come. So, in order to avoid unnecessary damages to your roof, walls and yard do not ignore your rain gutters, that's the key!

Consequences of Clogged Rain Gutters

  • When your rain gutters are clogged they will overflow and this, in turn, will cause stains on your walls, damp roof and what is worst, the water will pool around your house' foundations and as consequence you will have to face serious issues such as structural instability which represent a risk for your family and your property.

  • Additionally, stagnant water is the perfect place for mold to grow as well as mosquitoes and other plagues that can bring health problems to your family, especially to those who suffer breathing issues.

  • Rain Gutter Installation Clogged Leaking
  • Clogged gutters will constantly have water falling in unexpected places, this will keep your walkway, entry or driveway slippery all the time, causing risking situations for your family and friends.
We hope this information comes in handy. Have your trees already clogged your home's rain gutters? It's imperative to take action to avoid future harm! At Rain Gutters Solution we provide you with highly skilled technicians that will perform a flawless cleaning service that will meet all your needs. To request our services, you can contact us at (305) 270-7779 or by filling out the contact form found in this page. We will be glad to assist you.

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