How Do You Maintain Gutters?

April 25, 2022

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Man Cleaning Rain Gutters
Rain gutters can last for decades before they have to be replaced. They are made of durable materials and their designs can be adapted to provide the best performance under different conditions. This durability is aided by the owner's diligent maintenance, which is essential to make a gutter reach the end of its lifespan in good shape. Starting with Gutter Cleaning, there are multiple steps people need to take to help their gutters work and look their best. While they don't cause a major disruption in a person's life, these steps will be a permanent fixture in their routine for as long as they keep their gutters, so you need to understand this responsibility before investing on a new guttering system.

The Importance of Inspecting and Cleaning Your Gutters

These inspections can reveal other issues that can't be seen from afar, like corroded spots, loose screws on any of the seams, or peeling paint.

Man Cleaning Rain Gutters whit a BlowerIf you find debris, leaves, and branches inside your gutters, you can drive them out using a hose, a handheld blower or a wet/dry vacuum. For this, you still need to climb up your roof, so make sure to use a sturdy ladder, if possible, with an adjustable ladder stabilizer. You can also have someone close by to help you hold the ladder and collect the dirt that falls on your yard.

Small holes and cracks can also be repaired by hand when you get close to the gutters, covering the area with a coat of cement and a strip of aluminum foil.

Keep in mind that trying to collect all the debris inside the gutter may cause new clogs if you try to gather it all in one spot, so try to flush out as much as you can instead of trying to organize the debris inside the gutter. It may cause a bigger mess around your backyard, but that's nothing a good sweeping and some buckets can't fix.

Another tip: if your house doesn't get rain for too long, try flushing your gutter with a hose to check that there are no issues with the water flow.

You can clean your gutters every week or every month, but it's recommended to hire a professional cleaning service at least once a year. A professional company has the equipment to conduct a thorough cleaning while minimizing all the risks. They can also spot problems that you may have missed during your regular inspection.

Gutter Accessories

Many homeowners install leaf guards along with the rain gutters. Guards cover portions of the gutter's surface, blocking the entrance of leaves, animals, etc. This will reduce your efforts when you have to clean the inside of the gutter and protect them against potential clogs.

Homeowners can choose the parts of the gutters they want to have covered. You can even cover its whole surface all the way to the downspout if you wish, but keep in mind that this might make things harder when you need to look inside the gutter to confirm everything's working as it should.

In a similar way, other people install downspout extensions that are easily attached to the downspout ends, ensuring that the water is redirected away from your foundations without landing close enough to your soil.

Broken Rain Gutter

Get the Best Results in Your Gutter Maintenance

There's one important thing to know if you haven't installed your gutters. The gutter seams are the weakest part of a rain guttering system, as they are the most common spot for clogs and leaks.

One of the reason seamless gutters become more popular every day is that there are fewer seams leaving parts of the gutter at risk. Fewer seams also mean fewer spots for twigs and debris to get suck on, which results in smoother cleaning sessions that go by much faster.

At Rain Gutters Solution, we've got you covered If you want to maximize the practical benefits of your seamless gutters to reduce effort during your cleaning routine. Our specialists can guarantee a versatile guttering system to simplify cleaning and maintenance, with the best materials and the latest manufacturing equipment.

We also offer top-tier guttering cleaning services so that you can have your gutters looking spotless with the most specialized method complimenting your regular maintenance. We know that a long rainy season can wreak havoc on even the sturdiest gutters, so our specialists strive to provide a thorough cleaning service that improves each inch of your draining system.

The specialists at Rain Gutters Solution offer everything you need to make maintenance simple, from professional guidance to the most thorough maintenance service. You can come to us with any questions, and if you need us to check a particular issue with your gutters, Rain Gutter Solution also provides an efficient repair method for all the common issues (clogs, leaks, sagging gutters, etc) You can call (305) 270-7779 or fill out the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment with us. We always deliver the best results to ensure you have the best gutters in South Florida.

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