Did You Know That a Rain Gutter Cleaning Helps Prevent Diseases?

June 03, 2016

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The main function of a rain gutter is to collect rain water that comes off the roof and take it to a specific point on the ground for its dispersal or other uses. Rain gutters are one of the most important facets of your home to help prevent water from damaging your home's structure. They will prevent expensive repairs. A regular rain gutters cleaning is necessary for this device to do its job properly, otherwise it can get clogged and water will stagnate.

When rain gutter cleaning is not properly done, it can bring many negative consequences to the house and the family who lives there. Structural damage, stained walls, and leaks are some of the consequences, but not the only ones. When water accumulates in a certain spot without any type of control, it becomes the perfect place for many nasty things to happen. One of the worst scenarios that can result from this situation is mosquito breeding. Uncontrolled pools of standing water are excellent places for mosquitoes to reproduce, because they offer them all the necessary conditions to do so, and with the arrival of mosquitoes, many serious diseases also come.

Mosquito-borne diseases are very dangerous! They have awful symptoms, and without the right treatment, they can lead to death. West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, and Dengue are sicknesses that have attacked many states: Texas, Florida, Arizona, and New Mexico among them. These diseases are very aggressive, and although they rarely cause death, in some cases, they can leave long term symptoms that can last months, and they can also affect specific areas of the body like the joints. Nowadays, there is a big concern in the US over the Zika virus, a horrible disease that is attacking multiple nations around the world, especially in Latin America, where it had a great impact in countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, causing concern over birth defects and neurological problems.

So far, all the reported cases in the USA are from travelers people who got the virus in another country and then came to the United States, where they were treated and reported and at this time, there have not been local cases. Nevertheless, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Florida is one of the states where the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus, the Aedes aegypti, has been found.

Despite this frightening situation, the best way to fight the Zika virus and other very similar diseases is surprisingly easy to perform. Reducing or eliminating pools of standing water are the best methods to prevent all of these diseases, because they get rid of the mosquitoes' habitat. If your home has rain gutters installed, be sure to clean them in the frequency recommended by professionals, so they don't become a good place for the reproduction of these unpleasant bugs. This way, you will keep your home and, more importantly, your family free of these sicknesses.

Rain gutters are a very important aspect of your home, and cleaning them is a very delicate process. They not only protect your home from a structural and financial perspective, but also take care of your loved ones' health. Therefore, you should rely on qualified professionals like Rain Gutters Solution, who consider all the elements involved and guarantee a good job. This way you will get the best results and a healthy home. To learn more about Rain Gutters Solution's services or the great benefits of rain gutters, follow us on Facebook at RainGuttersSolution and Twitter @GuttersSolution.

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