Get to Know The 5 Most Frequent Rain Gutter Repairs

June 09, 2016

Rainwater can be very harmful to a home. Leaks, basement floods, wall stains, and standing water marks are some of the worst damages that rainwater can cause to a property. In order to prevent all of this, it is recommended to perform a frequent rain gutter repair. This way you can prevent worse consequences for your home, like structural damage, and also more expensive repairs in the future. These kind of repairs must be done by professionals to obtain the best results for your home.

There are some repairs that are very common simply because of the rain gutter's functions. The 5 most common rain gutter repairs are the following:

  • Broken rain gutters. Entire rain gutter sections can become detached or broken due to high winds, rain, or the weight of debris. These rain gutter parts can severely damage your home or anything they impact, which is why repairs are very common after big storms or hurricanes.

  • Leaks. Natural elements can wear down the rain gutters over time. Nature is a relentless force, and with enough time it can wear down everything, and rain gutters can't escape this situation. Over time, sunlight, water, and dust damage rain gutters to the point where repairs are necessary. The required repairs can be very simple or very complex, from applying a sealant to completely changing the rain gutter, depending on the damage.

  • Broken drainpipes. The drainpipe is the piece that takes water from the rain gutter to a specific point on the ground. When it becomes damaged, it tends to deliver water to the wrong place, like the house's foundation, or water can seep into the house. This situation is very serious because the water will weaken the house and cause structural instability.

  • Repairs due to an incorrect installation. This is a very common issue. It may look like an easy job, but installing a rain gutter is more complex than most people think. Some people decide to do it themselves or hire an unknown company to save money. This decision can cause more problems than solutions, like rain gutters with the wrong angle. This situation happens when the rain gutters are not well installed, therefore, repairs become necessary.

  • Sagging rain gutters. Over time, the hangers that hold the rain gutters deteriorate and become loose. When this occurs, hangers need to be repaired or in some cases changed, otherwise rain gutters will collapse because of the weight and cause more damage, not only to the water-collection system but also the house.
If you find yourself in a scenario where your rain gutters need one or more of these repairs, the best thing you can do is look for highly qualified professionals, like the ones at Rain Gutters Solution, to solve your problems. Repair work may look very simple and easy to perform, however, it is recommended that it be done by trained personnel from a well-known company that rely on the right equipment, rather than doing the repairs yourself or a company with a questionable reputation. You must do all of this to prevent further damage, repairs, and inconveniences. Remember, your home's safety is not something to be taken lightly.

In case you need a rain gutter repair or any other rain gutter service, your best option is to contact Rain Gutters Solution. Thanks to our qualified team of technicians, your home will be safe against the problems that rainwater causes. Go to our contact section or call us at (305) 270-7779 to learn more about our services. Follow us on Facebook at RainGuttersSolution and Twitter @GuttersSolution to be updated on all our news and announcements.

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